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And we offer you a 2 years warranty to cover issues in your devices.
info Maintenance Terms & Procedures
  • The devices are inspected and maintained at the maintenance center in Riyadh
  • Inspection and repair duration: 5 days (excluding shipping time)
  • We send a representative from the shipping company (carrier, local carrier) inside or outside Riyadh to receive the device to be delivered to us and then we repair it within the estimated period above and then send it back
  • If you don't answer when you are contacted by the shipping company, your order date will be rescheduled which will result in a delay in the order
  • After receiving your device from the shipping company, you will be contacted to confirm receipt of the device
  • After the inspection of maintenance, you will be informed of the result of the inspection. In case it is found that the device has a manufactoring issue, the device will be fixed directly on the warranty and sent back to you
  • The warranty includes factory errors.. It does not include accidents or misuse
  • If the issue found is due to misuse, you will be asked for the approval of the cost of the repair (if the repair cost is not approved withing 48 hours, the device will be returned without repair to ensure the progress of the orders)
  • For orders outside warranty, the deadline to make the payment is 60 days
  • Also you can send your device to the main office in Riyadh at the address on the map
  • You can repair the device free of charge if issues happaned after the maintenance process, within 14 days from the date of receipt
  • Note: please keep a backup of your data on your device before sending it to maintenance. If software updates were applied on the device, data would be lost
info About Warranty, Replacement, and Returns
  • Warranty: All products sold through the official website are under warranty for a period of two years from the date of the purchase. To benefit from warranty, please ensure that the original invoice for the product is available, in order to verify the date of purchase and the validity of the warranty period
  • Replacement: The customer has the right to exchange products within 7 days from the date of receipt, provided that the product is in its original condition (with the packaging). In the event that the customer wishes to change the color/type or type of the product, the customer will bear all replacement costs
  • Return: The customer has the right to return the products within 3 days from the date of receipt, provided that the product is in its original condition (with the packaging). In the event that the customer wishes to return, he will bear the costs of return. In the event that the customer wishes to return for the reason of an error (defective products or products that are not described as shown on the site), the customer will not bear the costs of return
info Maintenance Prices
Product Maintenance Type Price After 20% Discount
Azom Desert2 Screen 216
Back Cover 136
Battery 136
Power Button 40
Mother Board 296
Mobile Frame 40
Glass Of Camera 120
Fingerprint 112
Screen + back cover 275
back Cover + Battery 275
Screen + Fingerprint 270
Azom River Screen 155
Back Cover 155
Battery 155
Power Button 50
Mother Board Replace
Charging Port 50
Glass Of Camera
Fingerprint 50
back Cover + Battery 200
Screen + back cover 230
Shipping 25
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