Warranty Policy

Warranty Period: 2 years for our products. Product repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty does not constitute any right to extend or renew the warranty
The warranty does not apply in the following cases:
  1. If the product is attempted to be repaired by any service center not authorized by Azom, or the product has been damaged by shocking the body of the product such as broken screen or kinks and dents that may cause the product not to operate, or damaged by liquids such as immersion of the product or spraying any electronic product with water or other from liquids or if the water indicator inside the device changes color (if it is equipped with it).
  2. Modify or completely change the product drivers (so-called: root on Android devices or jailbreak on Apple devices).
  3. Use of non-genuine accessories with the product you purchased.
  4. Remove the serial number on the product.
  5. Replacing the consumables of the device (such as batteries)
  6. Abusing or misusing the product for a purpose other than its intended purpose or in a manner that violates operating and maintenance instructions.
  7. Damage to the product due to overcharging its battery and failure to use it according to the basic instructions in its user manual or charging the device using a non-original charger.
  8. If the seals on the battery case are tampered with, or one of its cells is broken.

Issuing a warranty claim: You can contact us via our website, or e-mail, or direct chat with customer service on the WhatsApp application on 0535959521 (in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

Defects and damages in products:

Receiving and delivering the machine to maintenance:

The delivery service requires from three to five working days, knowing that the period of receipt and delivery is not considered within the repair time of the product.


Duration of receiving and delivering devices to maintenance:

Delay in delivery: